Sales Agent Poland: Your Success Ambassador in Poland

Are you seeking a reliable partner to open doors for you in Poland, one of the fastest-growing markets in Europe? We are ready to assist! As your local business representative, Sales Agent Poland offers comprehensive services for foreign manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters aspiring to enter the Polish market or, via Poland, the European markets.

By collaborating with us, your business will not only reach Poland – it will turn your ambitions into reality. Our expertise and years of experience guarantee effective and efficient actions. Together with our Polish partners, we provide you with comprehensive commercial, legal, logistic, and many other services. Our headquarters are located in Warsaw, but we operate throughout the country, and through our partners – also in other European Union countries.

Here is what we can offer you:

1. Market Representation: We will be your eyes and ears on the ground, helping you understand the market specifics and business culture.

2. Customs Services: We take the burden of understanding and fulfilling all customs requirements related to importing goods into Poland and distributing them in the EU off your shoulders.

3. Logistics and Warehousing: We provide efficient logistics services such as transportation, warehousing, and distribution of your products.

4. Sales: We undertake sales activities on your behalf, such as market research, creation of marketing strategies, conducting advertising campaigns, customer relationship management.

5. Product Display: We will showcase your products and services on our websites, and we can also implement B2B sales or e-commerce on selected trading platforms as needed.

6. Marketing: We provide comprehensive marketing support in Polish, representing you during major industry events such as fairs and conferences.

7. Legal and Regulatory Support: We offer support in understanding and complying with all local laws and requirements.

8. Financial and Accounting Support: We provide financial and accounting services such as payment management, invoicing, bookkeeping.

9. Language Support: We provide translation services, helping you communicate effectively with Polish partners and clients.

10. Technical Support: We offer technical support for your products, assisting in problem-solving, customer service, training.

11. Business Development and Consulting: We assist you in growing your business, offering consulting in business strategy, product development, market development.

12. Network of Contacts: We give you access to our network of contacts, connecting your company with potential clients, partners, suppliers.

Don’t wait! Contact us today at and find out how we can accelerate your success in the Polish market. Together, we will create your success story in Poland!

Sales Agent Poland: Your Gateway to Success in Poland. Your Trusted Partner in Navigating the Polish Market. SubProfit