The Khiên hexagram, a powerful symbol of greatness and origin

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What is The I-Ching

The I-Ching is an ancient Chinese text that describes the forces and patterns that underlie the world. It is divided into 64 hexagrams, each made up of six lines, and each hexagram represents a particular situation or circumstance.

To use the I-Ching, one traditionally casts yarrow stalks or coins to create a hexagram, or one can use a random number generator or other divination method. Once the hexagram is generated, one can refer to the text to gain insight and guidance about the situation at hand.

The text of the I-Ching is filled with symbolism and metaphor, and the interpretation of each hexagram can be complex and nuanced. It often provides advice on how to approach a situation or problem, and can offer wisdom and insight into the nature of change and the dynamics of human relationships.

Although the I-Ching is an ancient text, its teachings and insights continue to resonate with people today, and it remains a valuable resource for anyone seeking guidance and understanding in their life.

The Khiên hexagram represents the energy that penetrates all things, bringing strength, correctness, and unwavering firmness

The Khiên hexagram is a powerful symbol of greatness and origin. It represents the energy that penetrates all things, bringing strength, correctness, and unwavering firmness.

At its lowest level, Khiên is like a dragon hiding in the deep, biding its time and gathering strength. This is a time for stillness, for waiting and observing the world around you.

But as you move upward through the lines of the hexagram, the dragon begins to emerge, revealing itself in all its power and majesty. It is a sign that it is time to take action, to meet with great men and women who can help you achieve your goals.

Yet even as you move forward, you must remain vigilant and careful, for the path ahead is dangerous. You must be like the superior man, who is always active and alert, never resting on his laurels.

As you reach the upper levels of the hexagram, the dragon becomes even more powerful, exceeding the limits of what is possible. This is a sign that you must be careful, for there will be a need for repentance if you overreach.

The lines of the Khiên hexagram are all strong and undivided, representing the power of the dragon. If you can harness this power, you will find good fortune and success. But be careful not to lose your head, for the dragons can be dangerous when they lose control.

See between words

In the deep, a dragon
Hides in stillness, gathering
Strength for what’s to come

Emerging slowly,
Dragon reveals its power
Meeting great people

Superior man
Active and alert, always
Vigilant and strong

Dragon on the wing,
Soaring high in the clear sky
Meeting with great minds

But be careful, dragon,
Don’t exceed the limits set
Repentance awaits

Nine strong lines, undivided,
Powerful and full of might,
Dragons take the lead.

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